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Engineering the Next Wave of Wind Energy Technology

Engineers at NREL are tackling the challenges that come with reliably integrating wind energy into the grid.

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The State of Offshore Wind in the United States

Examining the past, present and future of offshore wind projects on the East Coast.

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The Continued Rise of Energy Storage

Utilities tackle energy supply and demand through advanced batteries and other methods.

Clean Energy | Article

Optimizing Size and Design in Wind Energy

As wind energy grows, so do design and engineering challenges.

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Is Solar Ready to Play a Part in Your Company Operations?

Solar is finally overcoming cost challenges to provide a viable, renewable energy source.

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Weighing the Solutions to Energy Storage Problems

Breaking down how engineers can push these methods forward.

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What Offshore Wind Energy Offers Now

Engineers can help meet upcoming challenges to expanding offshore wind in the U.S.

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Lessons from Real-World Offshore Wind Projects

What can be learned from these highly-engineered projects.