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How Engineers Can Use Technology to Drive Medicine Forward

These are the areas where engineers can use their skills and develop the medical solutions of tomorrow.

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Engineering New Materials in Medical 3D Printing

Explore how the innovative materials at Dimension Inx can solve real world problems right now.

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The New Bioprinting Technology That Pushes the Field Forward

Advances in materials and 3D printing technology present opportunities for engineers.

Bioengineering | Infographic

The Possibilities of Bioprinting

The present and future of bioprinting promise exciting new developments.

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The Engineer's View of Cell Manufacturing

Engineers are the bridge between scientists, patients and clinicians.

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Engineering Solutions to Drug Delivery Challenges

Advances in engineering create novel options for delivering the right doses to the right patients.

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How Engineers Make an Impact in Cell and Tissue Manufacturing

Cell-based therapeutics and bioprinting are two areas looking for engineer involvement.

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Engineered Devices That Have Reshaped Human Health

Rapid technological advances are sculpting the landscape of biomedical devices.